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Blogging Out Loud is a marketing blog covering industry hot topics, observations and opinions. It publishes monthly. The concept is simple: marketing is a challenging business in that marketers need to have their fingers on the pulse of the future.

Kim Haman serves as the blog’s main voice with other bloggers occasionally floating in, but the real voice of Blogging Out Loud is you! We want to hear from you. Got an idea you want to share? Inspired to take one of our posts to the next level? Feel free to leave a comment here or on Vertical Marketing Network’s Facebook page, or email us about being a guest blogger.

Here we look to swap stories on our experiences in the marketplace, while doling out observations on where we think the world is going. We’re not here to give answers, but rather to talk through the ideas running through our brains and pick yours. Whether you are a marketing professional, manufacturer, retailer or consumer (and we’re all consumers), we hope these ideas stimulate your thinking, maybe even ignite a fire inside.

Mostly, we hope Blogging Out Loud gets you thinking and talking out loud, because ideas are nothing unless they are shared.

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