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Back Talk: What Olympic Campaigns Scored Gold?

This blog was presented prior to the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics and still rings true today.

Blogging Out Loud

They seem to have passed in a blink of an eye, but the 2012 Summer Olympics will surely remain top of mind, and not just for the Fab Five’s tumbles, Michael Phelps’ strokes, or Usain Bolt’s impressive sprints. Both official and unofficial brands are proving the marketability of the Summer Games. While official Olympics sponsor Adidas announced Friday its sales are up 11% globally, or $8.95 billion, U.S. gold had little to do with it; the German sportswear company only outfitted the men’s and women’s gymnastics teams for the United States. Still, the company estimates it clothed some 83,000 people, from athletes to ushers. Leading up to and during the first 10 days of the Games, TV ads from Chobani yogurt, GE and Coca-Cola earned the highest average Ace Scores among official Team USA and London Olympics sponsors. Meanwhile, guerrilla brands such as fast-food chain Subway, FedEx, wine retailer Oddbins…

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