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Brilliant or Clueless? Which Brand Marketer are You? (INFOGRAPHIC)

brilliant or clueless The marketing field has seen brilliant minds surface: Ann Handley, the content marketing queen who wrote “Content Rules,” the manual for creating content that engages customers; Jay Baer, speaker, consultant, social media master, and author of the superb book, “Youtility,” which launched the concept that marketing is about help, not hype; and Michael Stelzner author, entrepreneur, podcaster, and social media giant who waxes convincingly (with the data to prove it) about the Elevation Principle, namely: great content + other people – marketing messages = equals growth, just to name a few.

But have you ever wondered where you could fall in the category of “brilliant marketing minds”? If you’re in doubt, Blogging Out Loud’s quiz Infographic will settle your internal debate once and for all, let’s get started!

Blog 182_Brilliant or Clueless Infographic_FINAL

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