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Brands Winning the Hearts of Women


What half of our consumer base, according to Nielsen, controls $5 Trillion in annual spending and influences 80% of all purchases? The female half. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take a look at the brands that are successfully romancing female consumers, giving them the love they want and getting plenty in return.

Much research is bantered about regarding women’s influence upon branded purchase. Product designers and advertisers have overlooked women as target consumers in the past, whereas now, their growth in both education and the workplace makes them a purchasing powerhouse to be taken seriously.

Here are three effective ‘grand gestures’ brands have employed in recent history to win the hearts and loyalty of today’s women.

Help her be her best, authentic self

Oprah’s been preaching ‘being your best self’ to women for decades and it’s resulted in making her be her best – and wealthiest – self. Unilever’s Dove brand caught the wave ten years ago and has ridden it to new heights with its continuing “Real Beauty” campaign.

In a 3-minute viral video called “Real Beauty Sketches,” women verbally describe themselves to a forensic artist, then, describe another woman they recently befriended. The difference between the two sketches at the end show how critical we can be with ourselves. The end result is an endearment to a brand that just helped us gain a bit confidence. This internet-only video has become the most-watched online video advertisement ever with over 163 million views. Dove’s brand direction has taken them from a $200 million soap brand in the 1990s to a brand worth $4 billion today. That’s a whole lot of love.


Invite her to the “boys only” party

Sports are one of the last bastions of both male-domination and live, real-time broadcast commercial watching. So, it is a brilliant marketing move that brands like the NFL, PGA, Oakley and Harley Davidson have embraced creating fashion apparel for women who make up nearly half of all sports fans.

Now, NFL shop features maternity wear and licenses fashion clothing from Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Meesh & Mia and Alyssa Milano. It’s simply good business for these brands, since women will not only buy these products for themselves, but for their kids, families and friends, since they are the consummate gift shopper.

Help her make the world a better place

TomsScreenshotWomen, especially younger women, have a social conscious that expands to the whole world when it comes to issues that ring their particular bell. Tom’s Shoes sings in that key with its policy of donating a pair of shoes to a needy child for each pair purchased.

Other brands appeal positively to women by producing eco-friendly products for the home. Method, found at many stores like retail giant Target, set out to create cleaning products that “clean like heck and smell like heaven.” If that’s not enough to save your immediate world, the packaging is beautiful. Co-founder Eric Ryan has the right idea. He said that he “thinks of the brand as a movement.” This type of brand communication and product marketing is a powerful draw for young Millennial women who seek a better, healthier environment.

Just like shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift, the best approach is to pay attention to you’re love’s unique needs and meet them in a thoughtful way. The word Valentine was derived from the Latin valens which means worthy, strong and powerful. This describes the modern female consumer today and brands that recognize those attributes will win this consummate consumer’s loyalty for life.


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4 comments on “Brands Winning the Hearts of Women

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    June 22, 2014

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  2. ditolak1212
    March 4, 2014

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  3. Philip
    February 5, 2014

    The Dove campaign is simply brilliant and the “Real Beauty Sketches” video you shared is a perfect example of how the Dove brand is winning the hearts and minds of their core woman target. According to the recently releases Ipsos MediaCT study, only 29% of women characterize themselves as “brand loyal”. The study found that 82% of female shoppers want a “trustworthy” brand to warrant their loyalty. Dove obviously understands the challenges and has developed a vertically integrated campaign to build loyalty one woman at a time.


    • Joni Gray
      February 11, 2014

      Thanks, Phil! There’s a very real opportunity to win the loyalty of women – especially for brands that have not traditionally done so.


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