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The Juiciest Marketing Trends: “Vine-Suite”

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We heard about it through the grapevine. Vine, the new video-sharing app from Twitter, has grown its monthly active users by 50% since February. The app was used on 2.66% of all iOS devices by the end of the same month, per Onavo Insights, which tracks iOS app usage. That’s remarkable, since the app only went live at the end of January. Also according to Onavo, three other video-sharing apps — Cinemagram, SocialCam and Viddy — saw a decline at the same time. This all points to Vine being the next big thing to help marketers connect with their consumers.

What Vine does is allow users to create and post six-second video clips, which can then be uploaded to other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Several brands have already caught the craze: General Electric, Nintendo and Tropicana are just three brands using Vine to engage consumers in new ways.

Marketing trends are certainly blooming in visual form at HootSuite, which recently unveiled a trio of apps made for social marketing success. The first is an enhanced version of the YouTube app, which allows users to make, share and monitor videos directly from their HootSuite dashboards, where they can also view up to 13 YouTube channels at once. The second – and one that my Vertical Marketing Network colleagues and I are especially excited about – is the Statigram app, which allows users to gauge which of their Instagram photos and campaigns are making waves. With over 100 million registered users and 90 million monthly active users, Instagram has fast made its ways into the marketing toolbox and our collective conscience. And, similar to Vine, brands are taking advantage. Although fashion houses dominate Instagram on the business-front, smart marketers at American Express, Audi, General Electric (again!), NBC News and Red Bull have grabbed our attention. Some examples:




HootSuite has long been a favorite tool for managing our myriad social media needs, since it allows users to monitor their top social networks at once. But the last new app from HootSuite could prove to be a true ally in small business social marketing management. Called the Salesforce Premium App, it offers sales-focused customers ways to turn prospects found online into actual leads. It also offers customer support teams to help create data directly from social messages on your HootSuite dashboard.

The new marketing trends are ripening and ready to be picked by forward-thinking brand professionals.

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7 comments on “The Juiciest Marketing Trends: “Vine-Suite”

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  4. Joanne Morin Hilton
    April 7, 2013

    Just when it seems it can’t any better than this … bam … another avenue comes along. Vine sounds like a phenomenal opportunity to be in immediate touch with brands.


  5. Cristina
    April 3, 2013

    With mobile video expected to represent 66 percent of global mobile data traffic within the next five years, and 87 percent of marketers in the U.S. already using video for content marketing, Vine is on its way to be a key social media tool for brands to engage consumers.


  6. Diane
    April 3, 2013

    Incredibly interesting – just got off the phone with a partner that said their entire promotion was to gear towards their Facebook followers. I imagine the Vine will just enhance these type of promotions.


  7. R B
    April 3, 2013

    Well…The merging of the computer/phone to the TV is about here. The computer/phone marketing trends are always taking the spotlight these days instead of the TV marketing trends. I never really hear anything from the old TV media these days. Actually, forget merging, it’s more like consuming. Good Blog!


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