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Should Brands Jump on Mobile Marketing Before Their Competitors?

Mobile Marketing

Amazing fact: 24.3% of mobile phone users in the United States are expected to engage in mobile couponing this year. This is an impressive jump from the 6% that used mobile phone couponing in 2012, according to a recent study from eMarketer. And redemption rates for mobile coupons can be as high as 89% for first-time consumers receiving a mobile coupon from a brand, while ongoing redemption rates steady around 25-40%, cited by Mobile Commerce Daily. But what do these numbers mean to marketers who just haven’t kept up with the changing promotional technology? Timing is everything. According to mobiThinking, more mobile subscriptions exist in the U.S. than people, and 81% of the population has a 3G or 4G mobile plan, ensuring fast and easy access to the Internet and their mobile apps. While there’s never been a better time to deliver the right deal to the right consumer, the question remains: how? A lot of industry talk is focused on geo-location services, but it’s key for marketers to remember location is only one piece of the puzzle. As Patrick Moorhead, VP for mobile for Catalina Marketing recently told Mobile Marketing Watch, “Geo-location is a great opportunity, but it’s really just a component of personalization.”

Security and privacy may not seem like key issues for marketers, but they are for consumers. In fact, consumer security and privacy topped several lists for trends in 2013, including our own. Smart marketers know they have little control over either, but they are in a position to build trust with their consumer base. As we saw last year with the Instagram privacy policy debacle, consumers are engaged, on-guard and – more than ever – on-edge. It would behoove brands to address this, as it could make a difference in establishing one-hit consumers from long-time ones. This is especially challenging with mobile marketing because of the sheer amount of information the consumer carries in the palm of their hand. Why would a savvy consumer share preferences with one brand, when they can access another’s discount for free? Retailers are recognizing this, and they are responding with efforts to better the online experience. According to a 2013 Research State of Retailing survey, 51% of retailers surveyed said their top priority for the year is site optimization, including checkout optimization, alternative payments, user experience, testing and product detail page enhancements. Mobile came in very close second, with 43% of retailers noting tablets and mobile devices in their top three priorities.

For marketers, the lesson is clear, and the timing couldn’t be better for launching mobile phone promotions.

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8 comments on “Should Brands Jump on Mobile Marketing Before Their Competitors?

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  2. Rocco DiBenedetto
    September 13, 2013

    What role will ** Numbers from Zoove play? Are they going to be a hit or just the next QR code fad? We’ve successfully implemented **COOL into our marketing mix and are currently using the number to attract new business. Your feedback on our concept is appreciated.


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  4. Kate
    February 21, 2013

    I have found so many brands don’t have their site optomized for mobile use. This should be a top priority in order to encourage mobile use. Without that simple step, they are driving customers to competitors sites at the very moment a consumer is ready to engage (and possibly purchase.) This is the moment to grab them.


  5. R B
    February 21, 2013

    Yes, Give away free stuff in exchange for your privacy (location, buying habits, website views), but most peoples privacy comes at a high cost, as it should, so it’s up to you to name that price.


  6. Mark S
    February 21, 2013

    Mobile is a great opportunity for retailers and brands to engage their shoppers in real time. I think the best opportunities will come from opt-in app push notifications and signage inside retail locations, so that shoppers don’t feel like their privacy is invaded.

    The Just-For-U program at Safeway accounts is great, and I think the natural evolution of these types of apps will be behavioral targeting algorithms within the app that learn purchasing patterns and target offers accordingly.


  7. Myla Conroy
    February 21, 2013

    Should brands jump on mobile marketing? In a word- yes! In two words- absolutely yes! Consumers are changing how they make buying decisions- and so many of these choices are made on their mobile devices. With apps like Foursquare offering instant discounts to retailers, restaurants and many other businesses, consumers are using these to make instant purchase decisions (or switches to a brand that IS offering these incentives). With people relying on their phones for nearly everything at this point, is it any surprise that more and more people are shopping and discount-hunting while on the go? Brands should jump on this and catch consumers when making purchasing decisions- which is increasingly on their phones.


  8. abbybrown23
    February 20, 2013

    Reblogged this on AbbyBrown.


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