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4 Marketing Trends That Matter Now.

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It’s time once again to pitch predictions that will affect each and every marketer in 2013. In our continual effort to keep our marketing industry colleagues up to date on the rapid changes in technology and privy to opportunities for developing and implementing integrated marketing programs (last year, we posted on 42 trends, and we hope to continue to be a valuable resource moving forward), here are the top 4 marketing trends that matter most now:

1. The Second Screen Gains InfluenceIDC predicts that 172.4 million tablets will be sold in 2013, and Apple will lead the manufacturing pack. Aside from indicating the inevitable death of the desktop computer, this is significant for other reasons. More than 80% of smartphone and tablet users already use their devices while watching television, and 51% of those users login to social media to connect with others for shared experience, making 2013 a year of interactivity for consumers and shrewd brands alike.

2. Brands Build Social Sway — Paid advertising is no stranger to social media, but 2013 will be the year we see paid ads go from cursed to commonplace. No social network seems better poised to make this happen than Twitter, whose 2013 revenue from paid ads is projected to top $1 billion. But that number means little to consumers, who are more interested in connecting. Marketers must be hyper-aware of whether their online activity engages or enrages.

3. Instagram Bounces Back — In late-2012, Instagram announced a new privacy policy that nearly made its business snap for good. Smartly, that policy was clarified and has reverted to something users are more comfortable with. With that debacle already in the past, we predict 2013 will see the continued ascent of everyone’s favorite photo-sharing network. With Instagram outpacing Twitter in daily users, the picture — for marketers — is crystal clear.

4. The End of the Privacy Pretense — If consumers and marketers take one thing away from the Instagram debacle, it’s this: if you’re not paying for it, it’s not private. Many sources claim 2013 will be the year Internet anonymity and the illusion of privacy truly crumble, posing a new challenge for marketers. With consumers on-edge and on-guard, we must strive to engage our audience online in honest, meaningful and — above all — trustworthy ways.

Last year, Blogging Out Loud posted blogs on topics ranging from the explosion of Pinterest and Instagram to guerrilla marketing at the Summer Olympics, and those posts garnered many hits. Let me be the first to thank you for your readership and support. Let me also be the first to tell you about some exciting changes taking place around here. After nearly three years of publishing, we’re undergoing a minor facelift, so pardon our dust, if you will, as we work out the kinks. We hope our new look will be as easy on the eyes as it is easy to use. Secondly, we’re changing our publishing schedule to meet your needs better. Starting today, Blogging Out Loud will publish three times a month on Wednesdays. Again, we hope this serves your needs better. We aim to bring you the industry news and analysis that matters most to integrated marketers, and, as always, we want you to join the conversation. So please, tell us what you think in the section below or on the Vertical Marketing Network Facebook page.

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