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Back Talk: Who Wins Your Marketing World Series?

The Fall Classic is almost upon us, and in baseball — just like marketing — head-to-head competition and clutch performances help the best team win. Think of the great brand competitions of recent past: Apple versus IBM, Pepsi taking on Coke, Huggies against Pampers, and Budweiser & Bud Light going up against every other beer brand out there. While baseball is about hits, stolen bases, great pitching and scoring runs, for marketers “pitching” brands against their competition leads to stealing shares and scoring big profits. Competition helps brands define their image and their audience. With Major League Baseball heading into post-season play, my Vertical Marketing Network coworkers and I got to thinking: what brands would play in our Fantasy Marketing World Series? Some of the obvious brands are listed above, but what about up-and-coming players? This is your chance to craft the ultimate brand marketing playoffs.

Maybe I’m just blogging out loud, but it seems like a little competition goes a long way. As brands look to stand out, competition can be the ultimate game-changer in creating legendary marketing champions.

Which prompts the question: What brands would compete in your World Series of Marketing? What brands play the hardest and come out as champions?

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2 comments on “Back Talk: Who Wins Your Marketing World Series?

  1. 94Terese
    August 9, 2017

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  2. Philip
    October 9, 2012

    My World Series of Marketing has to have Apple and Samsung slugging it out in one league, while in the other league Southwest is pitted against any of the traditional airlines (can you say excessive baggage fees?). In a league of its own, you can look at almost anything the late Billy Mays was pitching (OxiClean, Mighty Putty, Kaboom, Orange Glo) on DRTV versus product counterparts sold in traditional retail outlets. Now that’s competition!


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