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What Does Social Media Mean for Marketers Now?

“Tossing up a Facebook page is not a social strategy.”
– Beverly Macy, renowned social media expert

Beverly Macy is a widely sought after speaker on the topic of real-time social media. She is the CEO of Gravity Summit, LLC, a leading social media advisory firm, and she teaches executive marketing courses for the UCLA Business and Management Extension Program. In addition, she is the author of The Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing and a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post. Blogging Out Loud talked to Macy last week about the dawn of social media and what it means for marketers now.

You teach social media — a fairly new communication platform — for UCLA Extension. How did your course come to be?

In 2001, I began teaching at the Extension, and it was in 2006 that I saw a shift in our client base. I had a client ask me to research blogging and podcasting for them, and it really opened my eyes because there was a lot going on. For instance, Mayo Clinic had a podcast on iTunes. That was really revolutionary in 2005-6. In Aug. 2007, we launched one of the first social media marketing courses on a college campus at UCLA Extension. It focused on MySpace, blogging and podcasting, and a little about YouTube. We really knew something was happening because on a Saturday in August we had 75 people show up at 7:30 a.m. It was a tipping point. From there, obviously history took its course.

Who should take a course in social media?

I’ll tell you who does take it: individuals interested in personal branding. If you don’t have a digital presence, you’re not going to be heard. Also, product marketing managers. Who I wish took the class are chief marketing officers. I think there’s a huge gap between the line manager who’s getting educated and the people who control the money. They don’t even know what it means to “tweet.” I’m on a mission to educate the corporate office; the people who are making the decisions are not as educated as they need to be. My class launched 5 years ago, and now people are finally saying: “Maybe we should learn more about Tumblr.” Tossing up a Facebook page is not a social strategy.

What do you see is the biggest challenge facing social media users in marketing, and why?

There are two challenges. One is that the openness of social is often appalling to most companies. The idea that their consumer can talk back and have an opinion is intimidating, until they realize they can be guiding the conversation. That conversation is happening whether you’re in it or not.

The second is the ROI. How do we prove to the CEO that social has any value? How do they know if they are getting a bang for their buck? We’re beginning to have tools for measurement, because there’s a lot of great information out there, but there’s not a simple metric. The reason advertising works is people agree on the metrics. In social, we can prove it, but we all have to agree on those metrics. There are serious people thinking about analytics, which gives the industry hope.

How do you manage your digital life?

There’s certainly profile fatigue, from a productivity standpoint. The concept of engagement is about community in the beginning. Then, it becomes: “Now what?” There are management tools like HootSuite and Tweetdeck for tracking and monitoring, but who’s going to help us figure the prediction? This is the next job of the McKinseys and Forresters of the world. They’re going to give us processes the enterprise can agree on. In the meantime, I stay current the “old-school” way, by going out there and checking into Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest streams.

I think the concept of location-based check-in will be fascinating — seeing where it goes. The exciting thing for the marketer is the data that sits underneath location-based social. How we get at the data and provide insight is the key. Managers want the “so-what.”

What do you want your students to take away from your course?

I’m not the person who says here are 5 tips for Facebook. I’m the person who says this is why you need to care. [Social media] is more strategic.

Businesses are realizing that social is sort of this new nervous system.

My social media class is not available online and I did that on purpose. I think there is huge value in being there in-person. I haven’t bought a newspaper or magazine in 5 years. I look at them digitally. All my new books are online, but I have hard copy books and I value hard copy books. I think television is going to go through a metamorphoses, and that Social TV is something to keep our eye on. The medium of broadcast is not finished by a long shot. I still rely on TV for information. I watch the local news, even though I can check the weather online. I also think radio and audio can be very relevant. And, of course, mobile is a new frontier. The way we consume information is increasing.

I do believe marketers should understand that social is one part of an integrated marketing plan. Don’t throw everything else away — make social complimentary.

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18 comments on “What Does Social Media Mean for Marketers Now?

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  15. Addie Van Gessel
    April 10, 2012

    It’s amazing how far reaching social media is now. From a marketing perspective I think brands need to understand which of these “communities” is really right for them. That is the strategic part, as much as Beverly’s point about getting to the right matrices. Future is exciting for sure.


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  17. Jeff
    April 3, 2012

    Excellent insights! Thanks for the valuable perspective from Beverly.

    Beverly: “I do believe marketers should understand that social is one part of an integrated marketing plan. Don’t throw everything else away — make social complimentary.”

    Spot on. This is what I am trying to convey to my clients on almost a weekly basis right now. They are all hot to jump into social media, but few of them understand how it should operate as a “compliment” to an integrated marketing plan. Few of them also understand the commitment of time and resources necessary to create and constantly maintain a fresh, engaging and relevant social media presence. It is very time consuming- and time is money- either spent internally or as an outsourced service provided by the agency.

    As it was with websites 10 years ago, social media is very attractive to clients because the delivery costs of the media are non existent when compared to traditional print and electronic media. But the costs to create relevant and engaging content are still valid and I would argue, even more so because you have now created a beast that not only needs to be constantly fed, it is now talking back at you and demanding an immediate response.

    Case in point: I recently visited the Facebook page of a local politician running for State Assembly. I asked him an extremely relevant question concerning the funding issues with the California University system. It has now been a week with no response. Bang- this cat is not getting my vote, and more than that, I will be sharing this experience with my Facebook friends.

    Take-away: If you are not going to commit to Social media as an ongoing exchange, you had best leave it alone. If your followers even get a whiff that you are just using as PR, you are toast!


  18. Alice
    April 3, 2012

    I think its pretty important for companies to learn the importance of social media(SM) and letting it compliment their current marketing strategies. With SM constantly evolving its always good to keep up with the game and your competitors. Personally, I’d love to learn more about SM. My knowledge of the programs are based more off of a consumer versus marketers standpoint. I feel like i could benefit a great deal if i was given the opportunity.


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