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The Application Situation.

Smartphone users are gaga for programs that entertain, inform.

Like the phones that run them, smart mobile applications, or apps for short, have the potential to revolutionize the way consumers live. Can your brand or business take advantage of this opportunity?

I had to see it to believe it; that’s the kind of gal I am. No, a commercial is rarely enough. The best ads — whether they be in print or on television — make us want to see a product with our own eyes, test it out ourselves. Case in point: the latest commercial from Chase, depicting a couple atop a feathery bed, still donning their wedding finest and opening what we quickly learn are congratulatory cards filled with checks. The couple playfully tease one another about their new union, as they snap pictures of the checks with an iPhone, then deposit them into their bank account with the push of a button. That’s right, the push of a button. Online banking has been replaced by bedroom banking. Or really, anywhere banking. All thanks to Chase’s mobile application, or app for short. This, I thought, is going to revolutionize the way I live. Then, I thought: isn’t that what all good apps should do?

Maybe I’m just blogging out loud, but I think smart companies keep the “smart” in Smartphone. Mobile applications aren’t just for entertainment, they can help us live better lives, too. Which begs the question: how can marketers get in on the action?

As more consumers turn to their hand-held devices for email, surfing the Internet, shopping and more, it would benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes to consider ways in which they can maximize not just their online presence, but their mobile presence. We’ve talked about ways marketers have touched the lives of their consumers via Internet gaming and social networking, and about how m-commerce is the new e-commerce; just this week I received two emails announcing mobile-friendly versions of Web sites I love (JetBlue, Sephora, I thank you). Now consider this: is there potential for your business to go one step further and create an app of your own? Chase is hardly the first to tune into the possibilities. Aside from “m-banking,” Smartphone users can check movie times and buy tickets via apps from Fandango and IMDB and they can pick up vintage wares on eBay. American Airlines and Whole Foods both recently launched apps, so you can “check in” and get dinner ideas on the go. There are even programs that help singles connect, ’cause if you heart your Smartphone, well your partner better, too.

Although research predicts gaming applications will continue to be the most successful app type of all, it seems that at the core of “The Application Situation” is how these little programs help consumers, either by entertaining us, informing us, or by providing an extension of an existing service. By giving me interesting and relevant apps, brands such as American Express, Major League Baseball, Martha Stewart and Zagat send a message that they understand me and the busy life that I live. They’re also building their brands in important, timely and exciting ways. I know I respond to businesses that combine convenience and information with cutting-edge cool. Wouldn’t you?

It’s true that new mobile applications seem to be a dime a dozen; nary a day passes without talk of the latest and potentially greatest. It makes sense, then, for marketers to engage in the conversation and even join the fun. After all, “app”-ortunities, like opportunities, should never be squandered.

Do you use a mobile app that makes your life better? Share it with us below in the comments section.
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10 comments on “The Application Situation.

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  6. Ryan Bish
    September 1, 2010

    Wow, I need to get going with these apps! The shazam app is kind of appealing (Music recognition app). The game & fun apps are the ones that I would probably use the most (the ones that are useless for business). They are all getting more and more brilliant and making a lot of ordinary people inventors. Time to get a new iPhone!!!


  7. Diane
    August 25, 2010

    I was on the train yesterday and the guy next to me pulled up an ap for Red Box – he had pre-registered with credit card and his “home” location. He then reserved the movies he wanted to check out on the way home – Red Box reserved them for him – and when he got to the machine he swiped his credit card and out they came. I use aps constantly – its the new way of the world.


  8. Cristina
    August 24, 2010

    Today there is an app for anything you can imagine. I recently bumped into StylishGirl, an app that acts as your clothing and accessories organizer. All you need to do is snap a photo and file it into tops, bottoms or accessories (of course this can take some time). Once your closet is ready, you can then piece items together to create outfits, simply swap out as many times as you wish until you have the outfit just the way you want it. You can also track your outfits on a calendar including specific dates and where you wore it. When it comes to packing for your next trip, this app makes packing a lot easier so you never have to worry about over packing!

    Never thougt about having a digital closet…


  9. Tamara Young
    August 24, 2010

    I love the more useful apps that keep sprouting… I am just learning how to use them. afterall I use a blackberry and the app world is sorta new to blackberry users. I do like Yelp but when they started charging for premium placement it lost some creditbility to me. I still use it. I use the com app, along with ratings and reviews left on google and for locations.


  10. Alice
    August 24, 2010

    I’m addicted to mobile apps. They make my life so much easier because its such a useful resource. My favorite app is Yelp. Even though its both a mobile and computer website, its really helpful when I’m scoping out a place to eat, even for shopping for that matter. I do take into consideration that a lot of people have differences in palate and taste however i still like to read the reviews to see what everyone recommends before i dine at a restaurant or want to go shopping. Additionally, a lot of times Yelpers provide other misc info. like where to park, the aura and atmosphere,price range etc. I appreciate random info like that because it allows me to perceive what i should expect from such a place. I practically use it every time I plan to go out. It’s like a necessity. Additionally, I’ve become a Yelper as a result of it. The convenience and availability of the information is really amazing. I don’t know what i’d do without it.


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